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That day, after finding a fragment again when him, crouch sit below large tree, miss child removing Nuo again, looking all round everything unfamiliar, actually as a child, everybody says he is a recreant child, only Nuo child encourages him all the time, and also let a hero be in now to her love of this vast interstellar in move back and forth, obstinate and forward.



13 accumulative total is attacked kill 5 times, award: Honorary money *20, accumulative total of *10 of small fragment of all-purpose B class is attacked kill 10 times, award: Honorary money *40, accumulative total of lucky silver *1 is attacked kill 20 times, award: Honorary money *40, accumulative total of *1 of lucky gold coin is attacked kill 40 times, award: Honorary money *60, cang Baotu *13.



第一,第一版为了让队员们知道自己的手牌,把所有的卡都做在了屏幕下面。" island epoch " whole platform is fair measure formal already now open, each big application market all can download, will quickly write different adventurous canto together!但是太乱了。one new version, pay close attention to circle of game box, game, huge activity you are participated in, ceremony bag award sends keep!以后比赛开始前,请询问队员的卡组。如果队员不拖牌,还可以看到队员使用卡的标记。2, during the activity successive the 2nd day of: ?

Can satisfy you likewise.

2、收集器仅对自己有效,克隆等订单对整个团队有效。塔的血液量被修改了。Every Trojan can be mixed according to real action setting the enemy, custom-built oneself road, no matter be to do uncle of a gent or Li of the trailing plants that suckle bud, make exclusive oneself combination covers a region.

[be born at the night] although the activity is the activity of a warm-up before anniversary is celebrated, but content is very wonderful also: The first part is the open of mobile gut, the activity before be the same as is same, be over can be passed [be born at the night] mobile toll-gate fights, finish relevant activity task and mobile task to get relevant activity award.

3,圣水速度改为普通的85%,两倍的时间改为普通的70%。29 14:00 [mobile detail] log onto 4399 game box, enter square activity list or hand to swim mobile zone participates in sign in activity to be able to win award of corresponding sign in.

rehabilitate that the likelihood conveys to go up to the ground the problem;

地图实际上变大了一些。And by accord of world natural foundation technology of this project deepness is supported.

[take out physical power] it is correspondingly [home material benefits] medium manual storehouse, captain of a naval ship can be taken out in this interface [home material benefits] in of memory spill over physical strength.

5,早期还进行了两个人在同一ipad上并排玩的测试。cn/thread-tid-17053869 former juice is reductive the story trammelses here yesterday continuance up to now " lose crown " background original work " Babylon crown " was October 2011 a of send out animation that is subject matter in order to transcend ability action, story setting set is in the Tokyo of close future, the story of the person that after telling about a weak teenager to collapse in experience life, turn arousal becomes Christ.

After having this function, mother also need not fear you can be thrown again blood.

6、本型号将补偿部落战争宝箱,现在改为1周部落箱(现在),1周部落战争箱。[3 defend, close not air leak] the place that card prevents the double card that introduces rigor above all is nodded, this is the 3rd defends line.

arc class A: Kuluomu ·

希望大家喜欢这个新模型。Poetic wine takes the advantage of time, now, beautiful twinkling moves the operation that lock up blood, the bright that ascend an island!


activity, straight fetch a permanent weapon is given CFer!

*请考虑未来的型号,以类似于imb模式的非平衡或有趣的方式放置测试的卡。Accordingly, we can update more to define a hero oneself, offer more playing law, cover a region.。

Of everybody leave a message thin general looked, can experience everybody to go up to game of the line ardent expect, we also hope to meet with everybody at an early date very much, but the development process of a game is very complex, must experience job of rife development, test, ceaseless burnish, ability presents a result that makes everybody satisfactory.

*上面的幽灵卡隐身前往敌人部队后,混乱的对手出现攻击。Its DLC“



40% when always cause cruel attack prospective soldier (redo) all friendly forces are obtained in the begining in the battle 15% attack fast, every cross 8/4/2 second to obtain later 15% attack fast.


We hope this will open more and interesting group option.


of 50%/50%/100%;
















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